Following the closure of the entertainment industry ever since the lockdown, life has been tough on most local entertainers.

  Eswatini’s most followed Amapiano music DJ Matamza has opened up in an interview about life under lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, admitting that it has been hard. The Megasound DJ had last performed in March 4 for BOLESWA intervarsity games and these took place just before the lockdown rocked cross Southern Africa.

Matamza had no choice but to find alternative ways of making money and all these ways required him to learn in order to survive and provide for his family. When asked if his latest gig, the recent Megasound picnic which took place at Sibebe Resort was a paying gig, and his response was:

“Yes. I did not expect the normal pay rates considering where we are from, but I got a good token of appreciation.  It also came in quite handy as I was expecting our first born in the week. Had to cover up some loans I had made in the past 8 months which I have not finished paying now. I do believe with the events opening up, I will be able to reduce them gradually. For me 3 bookings per weekend would be good from now till end of year”.

Life seems to be very tough for entertainers, we hope that things get back to normal soon.