Enhle Mbali has been trying to leave no stones since she revealed the abuse she endured during her marriage to the internationally acclaimed award-winning DJ Black Coffee. Gender-based violence activists have shown full support through the Battle of Enhle, but it seems that it is not over yet…

Recently, she applied for a protection order against her divorced husband in the Landberg Court for assaulting her at a 33rd birthday rally at Sandton’s home. This was a procession in solidarity with her and was attended by many supporters. Enhle Mbali has experienced a lot about her divorce and the general public has revealed that they are on her side. This encouraged the actress to become more open about what happened when her then-husband attacked her.

After appearing in court, the two mothers continue to focus on social media in an official statement detailing the case of being abused by black coffee. She began her statement stating that those convicted of such crimes would never be able to admit it, so we should not expect it from her estranged husband. ..

She continued to break down yesterday’s court statement, feeling it important to stand up from her husband’s false allegations, and said it was important to put an end to the cycle of abuse. Driven by forcing bullying and fear not to talk to her.

“I find it most important not only to protect myself from misrepresentations and counterarguments, but also to end the cycle of abuse that I have faced in his mission. In most cases, I am in marriage. We have kept silence in amicably solving these challenges and limiting the effects of the toxic environment on growing children, but as I grow up to notice, the cycle of abuse Ongoing, free from fear and relentless “She wrote.

She continued to share that fear no longer allowed her to remain silent, and her new attitude gave her a form of abuse and the number of times she was beaten by a DJ during their marriage. Gave me the confidence to count without fear. As a result, she had to seek medical and professional help for depression.

“I’m no longer afraid. I want to talk with this new self-consciousness about the events he beat, beat, broke me, and made me worthless. I lived a married life. But now, as a estranged spouse, he endured gas lights, emotional, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and financial abuse at his command. Experienced in marriage as a result of abuse and extramarital negotiations. The degree of confusion was so severe that I was admitted to the facility and treated for depression. “ She wrote.

When listing the details of when the incident happened over five years, the actress unfortunately revealed that her children were there when the unfortunate quarrel occurred. There were a total of three individual cases, including her dinner, which motivated her to apply for a protection order.

In 2014, in the dwelling in front of us, he hit me several times in our bedroom. His music threw a bag on my face during the discussion in 2019 after the King event in our new home. A guest celebrating my 33rd birthday witnessed him attacking me. He has been using intimidation and financial muscles to silence me since the divorce process began.“She wrote.