This eclectic, jack of all trades personality, who has showcased her talents through presenting Vuzu Entertainment Show and recently Vodacom NXT LVL, has had a short acting stint on Generations, and now singer, has dropped an EP (Extended Play).

Denise has decided to take her talents to the music industry and the result is a sixteen track R&B/Soul EP featuring Reason, MVRCOxPOLO and Rouge. It is 22 minutes of trap soul songs about her being a ‘boss lady’, seducing potential suitors and trying to deal with heartbreak. We are definitely excited to hear taste in music now that we have new genres popping up every day! Judging from her stint on Vuzu she looks hella crazy, although they do say the crazier, the more creative. So much a girl can do!

The artwork of the EP is definitely sexy and seductive!


Check out the playlist:


Worth a listen? Let us know what you think!