country singer cleopatra methula

Award winner, Cleopatra Methula (a.k.a. Misses Roses) recently posted on her Facebook wall how she was crooked by an artist whom she had asked to paint a picture of horse for her. It turns out the artist decided to keep the paintings for himself.

“Few months ago I had asked someone to paint these two horses, well yes he did but then he decided to crook me the paintings, never felt so hurt and disappointed like that, but it’s ok now. Thank heaven there are other people who can be trusted and deliver”

She was now excited that a new artist had done a great job and she now has her painting of two horses, which she seems deeply in love with.

cleopatra methula

“It’s just been just the two horses, something about them that keep this country girl’s spirit green”

Kuhle kusebenti mali so you can afford the things you love. Lol