In an interview with Eswatini Tv, local artist Velemseni highlighted that she believes there is magic in collaboration, even though she kind of figured it out late in her career. The afro-pop singer has collaborated with a number of local artists such as Bholoja, Sands, and Tendaness just to mention a few. It is worth mentioning that all these collabos were hits.

“You can’t do everything on your own, but when you collude, and work with other talented and godly people, magic comes out and why would u not tap into that”, she said.

Recently she collaborated with Mzwaa on the song “lutsandvo”. Velemseni and Mzwaa met a year ago and their work together has been magical since day one. Their creative energies just connected, nothing was forced.


” I feel like I’ve started working. It’s crazy that I’ve been singing for so many years but I feel I’ve just started working. So this is my potential activating and I hope the world sees what’s possible with me and you keep giving me chances to elevate coz am ready”, said the songstress.