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Cleopatra Gcinekile Methula, known professionally as Cleopatra Methula born 29th December 1993 is Eswatini’s Country Music Singer, songwriter and guitar player. Affectionately known to her fans as Misses Roses after one of her hit songs called Misses Roses, her songs are inspired by real life stories that reflect on love, family, friends, forgiveness, pain joy and more.

Cleopatra Methula’s Family & Upbringing

Cleopatra is the third child in a family of five grew up with her four siblings in Mbabane, Eswatini where both parents lived. Losing her father in 2004 left her mother with the great responsibility to raise and provide for the family. After completing her high school, her mother moved the family to a farm at Sihhohhweni where they would mostly stay during the holidays.

‘’It was a lovely place to be, peaceful and more country. ‘’ Says Cleopatra in her own words!

Early Years in Music

As a young girl she was always encouraged by her mother to sing, especially at church, though she was a bit shy, her mother believed she had an amazing voice which only needed to be natured. She joined Choral music at school which grew her love for singing.

Some of the things she enjoyed doing included writing songs and sketching. She was passionate about song writing especially Country Music, she once recorded herself singing ’wild flowers’ by Dolly Parton on her cellphone much to her mother’s joy and excitement.

Everybody who came for a visit to the farm would be given the opportunity to listen to an audio by Cleopatra or even have her sing for them. She remembers how her mother and family couldn’t get enough of Dolly Parton’s song ‘Coat of Many Colours’.

Loss In The Family

Then the worst had to happen, in late 2012 her mother Adelaide Methula passed on, it was truly a sad time for the family but in spite of this misfortune this is when Cleopatra’s music career took off. Shortly after her mother’s passing Cleopatra and her sisters wrote their first song entitled ‘These Memories’ which was a special dedication to their mother. Not so long after that she met up with Dusty & Stones a Country Music duo that had taken the music genre by storm.

Meeting them changed her course path, she hadn’t thought of pursuing music as a career but her chance meeting with this duo was the beginning of a great journey ahead.

Cleopatra Methula

Music Career

She had reached out to Dusty (Gazi Simelane) in appreciation for their music and expressed how she would one day like to collaborate with them. To her pleasant surprise Dusty asked to meet up with her to which she agreed upon, Dusty met up with her at the farm (Sihhohhweni) where she played him some of the audios she had recorded of herself.

So impressed was Dusty with Cleopatra’s magical voice that later that year he and Stones helped her record her very first single ‘These Memories’ the duo further went on to feature her in most of their gigs around the Kingdom. The country music singer, song writer and guitar player has since been on the road, performing in different places and occasions in and outside of Eswatini. In her performances she includes both traditional and modern Country music.  Some of her hits include a single entitled ‘Imali

which was closely followed by All The Girls In The World’.

Cleopatra Methula Songs

  1. Lutsandvo lwakho
  2. It’s my Money
  3. Misses Roses
  4. Ungitsatse Ungbeke
  5. All The Girls In The World’

Songs Covers

  1. The Waltz of the angles – click here
  2. Tennesse Blues – watch here 


  • MTN SWAMA Nominee, November 2018
  • Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards, October 2019
  • South African Country Music Awards, December 2019


Cleopatra is one of the musicians who is proud to have been able to meet Country Music Icon Mr. Kennedy Rogers during his last tour in South Africa, it was such an honour for her to present the legend with gifts and also help him wear the traditional attire ‘Lihiya’ from the Kingdom of Eswatini.

Is director and member of EUnited Art of Eswatini, a co-founded organization by Minerva and European Union.

Cleopatra’s musical journey featured on CNN African Voices on the 8th February 2019 this was such an achievement in her music career. Breaking barriers as her musical journey was witnessed by the entire world.

Cleopatra Methula

Performed in front of His Majesty King Mswati III on numerous occasions which include the Army Day as well as other prestigious awards events.

Amongst her greatest achievements was her being one of the Guest Panellist for UWC Waterford Kamhlaba Africa Week held in the month of July 2019, where she had been invited to discuss matters associated with the Arts Industry in Africa. With her great music career, she has since become a positive influence to young people who wish to pursue their career in music or the arts industry as a whole.


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