A couple of months back, AKA invited Cassper to a boxing match, which he never accepted  at the time. Shortly after, Mufasa decided that going ahead with the fight would shut up his nemesis for good and get him his much-needed revenge following the Supamega’s rant that saw him cuss at Nyovest’s mother.

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Since then, Abuti  Fill Up has been training hard and is eagerly awaiting the big fight. He’s been having the loudest bark on social media streets, promising to beat AKA up and to our surprise, the Fela In Versace hitmaker has paid him no mind.

Tweeps have been very much entertained as Cassper tweeps and brags about how he’ll teach Kiernan a lesson almost every day. This morning was no different as he promised to inflict serious pain on AKA. An excited Cass says that he can’t wait for the day they call him up to the ring as he’ll finally get his chance to destroy his enemy.

Moer!!! I can’t wait for the day they announce my name as I’m walking to the ring!!!! That’s all I’m looking forward to lately. When I finally get my chance to seek and destroy!!!! Here comes the pain!!!!” wrote Cassper

Hehehe can’t wait to see this one happening…