Social media influencer, creative director, motivational speaker, fashionista, educator, and now author. Nasingachubeka kungagcwala lonkhe lelipage lol!  Meet Bonkhe Shabangu, a young man who refuses to be put in one box and is determined to be king of all the boxes! His latest venture will give a glimpse of what motivates him to do what he does on a daily basis, through a book written by the man himself.

The book, titled ‘The Journey to a Definite Place of Purpose’, will give readers pointers on how to reach their full potential with a purpose, and promises to motivate readers to look beyond themselves.

We cannot imagine how busy Bonkhe’s schedule is, especially with the number of ventures he is involved in. He is definitely an inspiration to the youth because not only is he giving us the tools to survive this life, he is living his full potential and sharing it with us. Shout out to the boi!



The book launch will be held on 24th March 2018 at The George Hotel in Manzini, from 09h00- 14h00.