In case you might have missed the incident, it happened back in April this year. In a game of ‘smash’, marry or kill, Mac G made a very insulting comment about Boity and her sexual orientation.

A member in the audience asked the hosts to pick between Thando Thabethe, Boity and Bonang. Mac G said that he would marry Bonang, and added that he can’t pick Boity because “everyone has f*** Boity.”

Many saw the comments as distasteful and Boity ignored him and carried about with her business and securing many bags.

This week, Mac G will be a guest on the King David Mashabela podcast and they will be discussing many things, including a dark time in Mac G’s life when he lost his house and had no one to turn to but his girlfriend. The podcaster will also address the comment he made about Boity’s sexual history.

“I don’t really care about what celebs think or what their opinions are because they were never there when I was broke. When I had to sell my house and move in with my woman into this one-bedroom apartment no one was there. No one was calling me and saying hey listen, are you okay? And the people that were the chillers.” Added Mac G.

“You do come across that way. I know with the Boity comment, you don’t seem to care much,” asked David Mashabela concerning the infamous comment he previously made about the rapper.

‘But Boity does nothing for me. Boity adds no value in my life.,” responded Mac G. The highly anticipated is set to premiere this Friday on YouTube at 15h00.