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Gcwala99 Weekly News Round-Up S1/E9


Here Is The Woman Who Make Subjamz Push Relentlessly


Multi-award winning music producer/mix engineer, Sabelo ‘Subjamz’ Sithungo took to his social media to rejoice his mother who added a year this week.

The owner of Subjamz studios decided to gush over his mom. In his post, ‘Subz’ points out how blessed he is to see his queen age gracefully and that she is the reason he hustles real hard.

“Love of my life had a birthday this week. #blessed to see her age gracefully. Making her proud is the one reason I push relentlessly. Khula Mnyamandze 🥰”, he wrote.


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Bless you mom, may you enjoy many more such happy moments!!!

Psyfo Pens A Heartfelt Birthday Message To His New Bride


Former Generations star Sipho Sidwell AKA Psyfo has recently tied the knot with his partner of over three years Aamirah this past weekend, and now his new bride is celebration yet another milestone which is her birthday.

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Taking to Instagram, Psyfo dedicated a post to his wife and wished Aamirah a happy birthday with a heartwarming post. The former Generations actor shared his favorite photo of his wife taken on their special day, expressing his excitement at celebrating more milestones and memories to come.

He further wished more blessings in abundance for his Mrs., claiming that she is a true inspiration to him. Many friends and followers also wished Aamirah a happy birthday and continued to congratulate the couple for taking the next big step in their relationship.


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Happiest of birthdays Mrs Ngwenya!!


Makhadzi Slammed For Grabbing Male Fan’s Crotch!


Video clips of the Queen of the stage and viral hit maker Makhadzi performing on stages always receives standing ovations. The Matorokisi hitmaker’s performances are always bursting with energy and her style is unmatched. However, a video clip that has since gone viral of the Limpopo born hitmaker was deemed disturbing for many and some called it sexual harassment at it’s highest level.

A video clip which was shared by SA Clout on their Instagram page sees Makhadzi performing at a recent event. Her male audience members can be seen wrestling to share the stage with her, but one “lucky” man got the experience of his life and the whole world got to see it.

Makhadzi was performing one of her biggest hits and was dancing with the male fan. She got a little too excited and played with the man’s crotch. Social media freaked out and questioned the outcome would  have been if a male artist doing such to a female fan.

The level of Gender Based Violence in South Africa does not allow people to condone her behavior.

“If it was a female this was going to be a different story,” a Twitter user commented.

“Where are the social activists when a man is being harassed like this, Eish what is harassment kanti?”

“Makhadzi is sexually harassing this guy, cause vele all that matters to him is that he is on the stage,” another wrote.

“Imagine if this was a man doing this to (a) woman. My thoughts exactly, Twitter would have that guy’s head on a plate as we speak. Mara ( because) we are guys we are expected to just enjoy the moment and not think too much about what’s actually being done to you…” another commented.


Here Is How To Purchase Tickets For The Social Media Awards


Tickets for the 1st edition of the Social Media Awards have gone on sale. The event is set to take place on 12th December at Sharma House. Only 100 tickets are available to the public at E250 and can be purchased from the comfort of your home. Here are steps on how to go about it:

Msimisi Sithole Working On An EP


During an interview with XLR Tape where Msimisi Sithole was interviewed about the lyrics of his song ‘Zumbu’ featuring Sands, the vocalist revealed that he is in studio working on an EP that will feature local and international artists. He spilled the beans when he was asked if his fans should expect more music from him.

“Of course! I’m currently in studio with Slotta and a few other producers working on an EP. It will feature both local and international artists and producers.” He answered

He went on to promise that it will be like nothing we’ve ever heard from him and that he’s so excited but he didn’t want to be a spoiler by reveal to much about the project before it actually hit the market.

“It nothing you’ve heard from me before and I’m excited but also nervous about it. But I genuinely am looking forward to releasing the work. I can only say more about once it’s done Hehehe.” He added.

We can’t wait for it to be dropped man!

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Here Are Top 5 Most Notorious Mshoza Scandals

  1. Skin Lightening

Like most of Mzansi’s celebrities, skin lightening has become a trend it seems everyone wants to look lighter and Mshoza is one of those celebrities who was well known for skin lightening treatments. When it came to naming celebs who have bleached their skin her name always came up.

2. Girlfriend Allowance

In the year 2019 Mshoza got social media all hyped up after posting a video of broke men. In the video she goes after men who are broke and have no money and ridicules them on social media saying;

“You can’t come to me honestly and expect that you will give me R5,000 as a girlfriend allowance. ”

3. I’m Worth R500k’ Comment.

In the video she posted on social media criticizing and ridiculing broke men she further went on to on to say how much her body was worth. Mshoza said her body was worth a whooping 500 000 Rands.

4. Short Marriages

As year 2020 began people learned about their super star’s 3rd marriage to prominent businessman Prince Dlamini but soon after heard that the two were getting a divorce just as everyone was getting used to their union.

5. Hiding from her Ex-Husband

Before marring Prince Dlamini early this year Mshoza was married to a Thuthukani Mvula and around 2018 she had to hide from him because she feared for her life. She stayed in a secret hide out where she was protected 24hours hours a day 7 days a week for 1 month because she had claimed that he had assaulted her and made threats against her life.

Well everybody has those things that do come up that we don’t want people to know but they end up knowing, there is no shame in that. We are saddened by her death, her candle was blown out too soon may she rest in peace….

Somizi Wants To Work With Gee Six Five


Somgaga has his eyes set on 65-year-old Gqom sensation, Gee Six Five and wants to collaborate with her. The oldest Gqom musician currently has the chart topping song Obani Lababantu, which means ‘who are these people?’, and people are loving every moment of her!

The vivacious entertainer Somizi Mhlongo was lounging around in his home when he put it out there that he wants to work with Gee Six Five. Singing along to the lyrics, he hilariously pointed out that the song might be the biggest thing right now.

Even though social media has been ridiculing the song and the elderly woman, making memes out of her, the grandma of 13 grandchildren’s single has been climbing the digital download sites’ ever since its release on 19 November and she couldn’t be happier.

The retired teacher explained to the publication that the song simply tells a story of gossipers and at often times people refer to having haters, but in turn, they themselves can also fall part of those ‘haters.’

“People always say… abantu bayangihleba (people are gossiping about me), abantu bayangizonda (people hate me). We never include ourselves. The song offers a question and an answer. Through the song I’m asking a question, who are these people that we always refer to? …and the answer is me, you, her and all of us.” She said

All thanks to the powers vested on social media, where everything and anything goes viral, she is now an internet sensation. Relatability also plays a major role in the success of her song because it’s almost the festive season and young people want to enjoy this time listening to music and dancing. Her song takes care of all of those needs.

AKA And Nelli Have Mended Things, Nelli Got AKA An expensive gift


Just the other day we reported that things had gone really sour between AKA and his bae Nelli Tembe and that authorities had to get involved. Shortly after that, the two have resolved their issues and are back in each other’s arms.

More recently, AKA revealed the expensive gift he had received from Nelli which brought him to tears. The present was the latest PlayStation which is the PS5. The PS5 costs 10 thousand rands or more at selected stores and The Super Mega is one of the first few South Africans to get his hands on it.

Mega took to his social media to show off his new console and thanked the love of his life for the gift.


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A post shared by AKA (@akaworldwide)

AKA introduced Nelli to his daughter Kairo. The two recently had their first bonding session. To our surprise, days after meeting Kairo it was reported that the couple got into a serious fight in their Bryanston home. According to City Press this was sparked by cheating rumors in their relationship. The fight was so bad that the authorities had to intervene. A source at the scene claimed that Nelli was tired of AKA’s ways and wanted to move out.

It was reported that the two even wanted to lay physical assault charges against one another. However, it appears that they’ve sorted out their differences and are happily in love again.



Drina Back To Doing What She Loves


With summer being the mother of all fun; the prom nights, weddings, end of year celebrations and all the like, everyone wants to look beautiful and on point when it comes to make-up. Makeup artist/model Drina has issued a statement that she’s back at doing makeup. Apparently sis had decided to take a break in dressing people up but the great news is that she’s back in the game. On an Instagram video the makeup artist made it clear that she is taking special orders and that if you need her services don’t hesitate to DM her and she would be glad to DM you back.

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I think you might wanna hear this one from the horse’s mouth, watch the video below.

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