As we welcome a new month, an honest truth is we will be seeing a lot of sad faces from our people for various reasons. With winter kicking in slowly we know that this season doesn’t come friendly because of low temperatures and of course going through such a season, one can only wish for long holidays. It is a pity though that we won’t be having any much long weekend holidays as we had in the past two weeks. One could swear April was December in disguise, as it was raining not only holidays but also events all over the Kingdom.

Recovering from a rough “Janu-worry”, this was a much needed holiday for fun lovers to have all the fun knowing very well they won’t be worrying about work the following day. Though it won’t be raining holidays in the next couple of months, we can only just hope that May treats us the same way April did, because kona beku April-eka shem!!

Here is a summary of events that happened over the long weekends

Zipho`s birthday party ft Dladla Mshunqisi & Kabza De Small @ Solanis
Bundle of Jokes with Dr Shakes ft Kedibone & K-LO @ Solanis