Congratulations are in order for Amapiano Superstar, Pabi Cooper’s whose EP, Isphithiphithi featuring Reece Madlisa, Busta 929, Yumbs and Joocy has been certified Gold.

Pabi Cooper, whose real name is Paballo Basetsana Mothapo rose to fame after she posted a dancing video of herself on social media, little did she know she’d become a big deal in a short space of time. She was signed by Reece Madlisa and Sabelo Zuma under Amaroto Entertainment.

The dancer and singer has taken to her social media to share the exciting news with her fans and thanked them. She also tagged Reece Madlisa, Busta 929, Yumbs and Joocy.

“Isphithiphithi EP just hit gold. We did it guys. Thank you so muchhhh. God is good”, she posted.

 Check out the EP on digital stores and the music video for Isphithipithi below!

Image credit: Instagram