With his smooth voice and charming demeanor, it comes as no surprise that women find musician Sjava attractive. One woman let her feelings loose on the timeline when she tried her luck with Sjava and to her surprise, he responded.

The lady did come a bit too strong for Sjava when she promised to delete her Twitter account if he were to reject her, as she desperately wanted to be with him. Well the muso did not exactly let her down when he responded by saying “ihaba” which translates to ‘what an exaggeration.’

Women making a move and hitting on him is not a new thing and even after the woman made her move at him, more expressed their interest.

But the women don’t really stand a chance with Sjava as he might have a new woman in his life. He shared a snap of a lady on his Instagram account but decided to cover the lady’s eyes and captioned the picture with a heart emoji, leaving room for speculation. The lady was in bed and was even wearing a custom made top with Sjava’s face on it.


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