What Do You Do When You Get Into A Room Full of Hunks? Smash! Smash! Smash! Were some of the comments on the pic posted by Mbongeni Mbo Sithungo (DJ Mbo) on his Facebook page. It would seem one of their own (another hunk maybe. Yes! No!) got engaged in style and it was a “beautiful engagement”.

The pic icuketse bonkhe boMyCrush i’m definately blowing this one up for my wall – as soon as I can find at least one of the last few surviving photo studios in town. Loool!


Interestingly Mbo seemed to hide the identity of the engaged brother on purpose and that got everyone curious and started asking leading questions to try and dry him to say who it was.

We thought of digging up to find out who the engaged fella is but then we thought naaaaah! as long as we have this pic of smashables – it’s really all we care about.

Pic source (DJ Mbo’s facebook page, Photo credit @ps_imaging)