Eswatini rapper Zolile ’80 script ‘ Motsa took to Facebook to share that his first love music genre was Kwaito and not Hip-hop. He made an example of a song sung by South Africa’s Kwaito great, Zola 7 titled ‘ghetto Scandalous’ taking us back to yesteryears☺️. 

80 Script’s career as a musician has made him a star and has garnered thousands of fans, creating an incredible fan-base for himself.

“A lot of you have no idea I almost followed my heart and ventured into Kwaito before I actually considered Hip-hop. The song ‘ghetto Scandalous by Zola 7 was a great inspiration for me to want to venture into that genre yati! The is just something about the rhythm and sound of that song, it’s hard, it’s deep but then of course  rap got me” he said.

The love of music is what drives him and keeps pushing him. He is fully committed to making in it Million times big in this industry and it shows in his work. 

Well you what they say music is food for the soul! It impacts us in ways in ways like no other. It reaches deep down into our souls from generation to generation….