Sonto Mathunywa, this to many is just a name like any other name but thanks to musician Zolile Motsa who popularly known as 80 script this particular Sonto Mathunjwa’s life will not be the same as she received a gift for the ages, education. Her mother whom most have seen by the robots opposite KFC in Mbabane touched Zolile’s heart as she shared with him on how her daughter passed last year but is unable to further her  studies.

Zolile was compelled to try and help and took to Facebook to share the story. In just 48 hours he managed to raise a whopping E3000.00 for Sonto to go to school this year, some of which was donation all the way from overseas. We trust that the rap star will capture many selfies of himself and Sonto’s mom on their pizza date as he hands over the collections to her!